Current on 12v rail.......

i have 19A on 12v rail....450w.....

please see ...its not mine but it tells to find out amperage on 12v rail we need to divide wattage available at 12v to the 12v to determine current on it...mine is and 450w on 12v rail that means

450/12 = 37.5Amps maximum so i am able to run hd 5670

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  1. i am not expert to do any overclocking .....


    450watt is not 12volt rail.

    200w power is used currently from the total of 450 watts so how much current 12v rail will give....?
  2. anuk07 said:
    i have 19A on 12v rail....450w.....

    You have 19A on your 12V rail, thats how much current it will give, it wont give 450W, not even close to it, 19A @ 12V is only 228W. The watts/12V to get current is only for when the unit lists the combined power of its 12V rails as a power instead of a max current, but for a single rail PSU your max current is the current for that rail, there is no math required.

    The 450W rating is for all of the rails combined, it would be the power that the 12V can provided added to the power from the 3.3V rail and the 5V rail, and usually rounded up to a nice neat number.
  3. hunter315

    the total power is 450w.

    not of 12v rail only right......

    for 12v it will be 19amp x 12v = 228Watts ok.

    sapphire HD 5670 is of 64Watts...

    it will be nice.. correct
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