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Hi All,

Not the reason for this post but what's the difference between homebuilt and new build?

Anyway, hope this is the right one.

This is probably going to be me being really daft!

I'm building a new PC at home ;-) around a Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3 motherboard. Everything is here except my graphics card so being impatient I tried an old ATI PCi card in one of the PCi slots hoping at least to test everthing is installed ok. its about 10 years since I did this and things have moved on a tad!

Everthing spins up ok and I think the hdd does but its very quite so can't be absolutely sure, the dvd tray opens, all the fans operate, but my tft monitpr displays no signal and goes to sleep.

Any ideas please?

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  1. Sorry, in case it missleads anyone, in the above I meant to say its about ten years since I did this sort of thing!!!
  2. Done some reading up on this and in fact I'm not getting a POST report. In accordance with advice have removed the MB which is now sitting on card outside the case. Only devices are cpu+fan, single stick of memory,external garphics card (but I should get a beep with out this shouldn't I?). Have cleared the CMOS and still getting nothing, no beep no video.
    Anything else?
  3. Have I offended somebody?
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