My New PC build opinions/suggestions

Hi, Ive asked around and read some reviews and was wondering if anyone could provide some suggestions for the new PC i plan to build. My main idea behind this is something extremely high performance with price as no factor.

So far I have a few tentative components:

Processor: I7 990X 3.46ghz. This seems to be the mother of processors currently, is there anything better than this? Is there a stable CPU you can over clock the crap out of with proper cooling? I really would like to overclock on this new rig and run something incredibly powerful stable if thats doable.

CPU cooler: Cooler Master V10 -OR- Corsair H100, havent decided yet, thoughts?

Video Card: Geforce GTX590. (possibly 2? is it even worth it to SLI a monster like a 590?)

PSU: 1500 W silverstone

Motherboard: Unknown at this point, someone recommended the maximus IV, but a few enthusiast builders went with different ones, is there a top 3 of the best motherboards right now currently?

Ram: Unknown, preferrably some high end 4gb sticks.

Case: Big dilemma for me, I currently have an antec 1200, and after 3 years of it, I can see its shortfall (unscrewing all the front bays just to be able to clean the filters etc etc).

Cosmos II- Featured in maximum pc, is this case available? I dont see it anywhere, it says it was scheduled for release in sep/oct. Seems pretty solid.

ThermalTake level 10 this one seems high quality with the weird design, is this thing worth it?

SSDs- Im hoping to run my OS off a stand alone ssd, and then have 2 SSD's in raid 0 for my disc space. I dont know ANYTHING about ssds, which or good or not, and whats worth it.

If you guys could provide some suggestions I would greatly appreciate it, thanks for reading.
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  1. I use a sandforce ssd, but have never tried them in raid mode. I see no reason to spend a grand on one cpu. Even the new e series sandy bridge is around $600 with six cores, but benchmarks show less then a ten percent improvement for gamers over the old four core models, such as the 2500K. I would recommend 4 identical sticks of 4 gb 1600 ram; don't spend an extra $100 for premium ram. That case you selected is just plain ugly. I recommend one with 2 120mm fans in front, and one 120mm in back. I hate noise from my pc. I also recommend the side facing hardrive cage on the bottom to slide in the drives without having to remove anything on the motherboard. Can't comment on video cards, since I'm not a gamer. I used a cable select silverstone power supply, and it worked fine, but was noisier than my ocz. Good luck.
  2. Someone recently got a PC to run at 7.125 GHZ in a demonstration with a custom frozen helium cooler. If money is no object that is the current world record for demod speed. I can't see why you wouldn't want to shoot for that.

    There is definitely a reason to SLI 590s. It will give probably 20% more performance and if there is no limit to the cash ceiling there is no reason you shouldn't take it.

    The PC will run you 10 or 20 thousand, but who cares, right?
  3. For SSDs the Crucial m4's and the Kingston HyperX both do in the neighborhood of 500MB/s under optimal conditions. I would go with one of them if raw performance is what you're after and money is no object.
  4. Heres my updated list which should be pretty final.

    Core I7990 X 3.46Ghz

    Geforce GTX 590

    Silverstone Strider 1500 W PSU


    Lian Li PC-X2000FB Case (i like what the case offers but im not crazy about the look, wish they had a cosmos II)

    Hydro H100 CPU Corsair Cooler

    Corsair Dominator Triple kit 6gb X2

    SSD M4 Drives (probably duel 256gbs to run my OS and games in raid 0)

    Velociraptor 300gb 10krpm Raid 0 (current hardrives im going to use for storage)
  5. Don't get the 990X its obsolete. Get the 2500K, 2600K or 3960X
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