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NZXT Vulcan, just a few questions

Hey community,

So I am going to college next year and I was thinking of getting a new case for my computer. Luckily when I built my computer, I vaguely knew what I was doing and purchased a M-ATX board. I was looking to move into the NZXT Vulcan case. It looks like a nice case, but I just had a few minor questions about the case.

1. How is the cable management behind the motherboard tray? I noticed the bulge they put in the side panel of the case which looks like a brilliant idea.

2. Will the case fit my CM N520 cooler? Its rather large, but on that side I also noticed that they put a bulge in the case which looks like it would be able to fit the cooler,

3. I have 4 HDD's, will they fit in the case? I could make it 3, but still.

4. This is kind of an odd question, but can I move the orange fan that is at the top of the case and put it in the front of the case, so the orange light glows down there?

5. Last question. what is the maximum number of fans that can be installed in the system itself?

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    Cable management looks good BEHIND the motherboard tray has quite alot of room however it looks like there is not much for holes to get the cords back there. Also yes, it would be able to fit your N520 cooler. And as for the HDD's it looks like you Can fit up to 4 or 5 HDD's but at 5 you will be taking away 5.25in bays. For the LED fan you CAN swap it out with the front one as they are the same size(120mm). And for Max Fans you can have 3 120mm, 1 200mm, 1 92 or 80mm. 2 120mm on top, 1 120mm in front, 1 200mm in the side, and last the 92 or 88mm in the rear. Whew!
  2. Oh, and did you know the PSU has a dust filter? :D Not that I care for one personally.
  3. Yea it slides out of the bottom, its pretty neat looking. Thanks for the advice! I might wait till Black Friday to get it, but nothing else out there has that many cooling options and has a super awesome handle on it.
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