GTX 560 Ti 2GB in SLI

I am thinking about putting two of the EVGA 560 Ti 2GB cards in my new PC. I intend to run this as SLI with triple monitors, each at 1920 x 1200. Does this seem like a good match? I want CUDA, as well as moderate gaming and moderate CAD use. Should these be able to drive that many pixels, with no problem?
I am putting them into a PC with a Z68 based mATX motherboard, probably the GIGABYTE GA-Z68MX.
Any thoughts or comments will be appreciated.
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  1. I would say that's a pretty decent setup for what you plan to use it for, actually for just about anything you wanted to use it for.
  2. amd 6850's are good for high res like that. heres a good review including triple display benchmarks. no gtx560's but includes 570 and 6950/6970. Its worth a read.
  3. Yep, I agree too. But don't expect to drive crazy high FPS in games if you crank up all the settings to maximum. On average, you will probably achieve between 30 and 60 fps with settings at medium, for a game like Crysis. If you don't crank up the AA, you'll be okay (for the memory).
  4. Thanks Guys!
    I usually play Eve Online, and Civilization. Not that difficult to render I think. Also Solid Works, MSOffice and watch a DVD, (often at the same time). So I feel more confident now that this should meet my needs.
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