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Strange rare cpu i found

Hi so i was looking around my pc shop,I repair stuff here and build gaming rigs really cheap assembley cost since i do it for a hobby, I found a processor marked ES 8 core i7 sandy bridge unlocked confidential any idea what this is do i plug it in my lga 2011 socket? is it the same socket???
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    I know that the ES is short for 'Engineering sample' but if I had to make the choice myself I would NOT risk it in a perfectly good LGA2011 mobo, that is unless you have an extra laying around then compare how the bottom of the CPU looks to the actual socket itself. Lol I had to guess at an 1156 i3 that was unmarked once. :D
  2. ok it says its lga 2011 still will it be compatible
  3. I will take it and try it for you.
  4. nty unless you offer me some good stuff
  5. do es even work or get detected? is it better than a normal 3960 cause es go expensive if its not that good ill sell it to buy myself a 3960x what do you think?
  6. An ES version of a chip is an early preview version of a chip.. My guess is buggy and definitely worst performing than a finished chip.
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