Looking to upgrade, concerned about power supply

Hello everyone.

I am running,

64bit Windows 7
i7 860 OC'd @ 3.5 ghz
4g ram
ATI 5770 1G
500W Antec PSU

I want to upgrade my 5770 to this GTX 560ti


I am concerned because it says it needs a 500w power supply, and I just meet that minimum. Will I have a problem running it on that? I understand the Antec is reliable enough, but if it is just at 500W will it cut it? (I am not planning on OC'ing the card).

Also, is this a good choice for an upgrade. I was thinking about going with something with 2g ram, but this seems like one of the best cards for the money. (I am looking for something under $250.

Thanks for all the help this forum give me!

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  1. Could get a bit dicey since you oc your cpu by quite a bit . You probably won't need the extra 2 gigs of ram.
  2. Which antec 500W PSU are we talking about here? They have several options, most of which are fine for a GTX 560, i would only be slightly concerned if you had one of the ones that is 3-5 years old. The minimum is a suggestion, if you have it it will work fine, its a worst case scenario deal, and most systems are not the worst case scenario for a PSU.
  3. Yeah it should be fine but you're pushing it with that OC.

    Don't bother with 2GB memory, just stick to the standard 1GB models.
  4. Okay thank you,

    Also I thought I should mention there was no voltage increase with the processor oc.
  5. That's fine but there will be a current increase due to the higher GHz level.
  6. That minimum recommendation is to try and account for all the crappy PSU-shaped objects out there. You will be fine with that Antec.
  7. You may have issues under a full load such as gaming
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