GTX 570 issues with Dirt 3


I just purchased an EVGA GTX 570 SC. It works great on all my games, except Dirt 3. I am only getting 37 fps on the benchmark for the game. When using a 5850 it was around 50 fps. Any one having a similar issue, or know of fix.

CPU: i5-750
Motherboard: Asrock P55 Extreme
PSU: 730w Raidmax
Memory: 4GB
Res: 1900 x 1200

Much Thanks!
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  1. What settings are you running in the benchmark? My 470 seems ok (though I don't know the benchmark #'s offhand), haven't tried my 5850 yet. Do you have the latest NVidia drivers (as the game is pretty new)?
  2. i think its a CPU bottleneck.
  3. khevs143 said:
    i think its a CPU bottleneck.

    i don't think so. i5-750 is quite capable cpu in fact i believe even GTX580 will not going to be held back by the cpu unless if you're opting for multi-gpu setup.

    @OP: did you use 5850 on the very same rig before? did you perform clean install for your GTX 570?
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