New build wont run.

Ok first off im mainly testing the power. Everything is hooked up minus the Video card and cdrom (on way) everything else is hooked up. Do i need these 2 components to even start it?

Heres my build. Keep in mind that video card and cd rom is not Hooked up or inside cast ATM

Antec DF-85 Black ATX Full Tower Computer Case

Intel Core i5-2500K Sandy Bridge 3.3GHz (3.7GHz Turbo Boost) LGA 1155 95W Quad-Core Desktop Processor BX80623I52500K
bundled with:
MSI P67A-G45 (B3) LGA 1155 Intel P67 SATA 6Gb/s

SeaSonic X750 Gold 750W ATX12V V2.3/EPS 12V V2.91 SLI Ready 80 PLUS GOLD Certified Modular Active PFC Power Supply

SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ 1TB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard

Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit - OEM

EVGA 012-P3-1570-AR GeForce GTX 570 (Fermi) 1280MB 320-bit
(This says 320-bit Does the high bit rate make up for the 1280mb? was wanting 2gigs but noticed the 320 bit)

Patriot Signature 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600

COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus RR-B10-212P-G1

LG DVD Burner Black SATA Model GH24NS70 - OEM

OK any ideas why when i press the power button it cuts on for 1 second cutts off and when i back off it repeats the attempts to cut on by it self?

Any Help would be GREAT thanks guys :)
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  1. Hello Bellard;

    The missing video card is causing your problem. CD/DVD drive isn't needed.

    Have you looked over the forum's "System won't boot" checklist to see some of the common build errors and how to avoid them.
  2. Ok i gookin all over the mother board figuring out whats what. I noticed a Socket labeled JPRW2 beside the cpu. Figured this is the cpu port.Anyways The plug on my PSU for CPU has 12 holes (4 on end is not used.and are empty Now ive heard alot of people say they can just slide it to the side and use just the 8 But 4 of the pins are not detatchable. Any ideas?
  3. Check and see if your BIOS might have an option to continue on errors.

    JPRW2 is the 8pin CPU Aux power connector and must be used. This is probably a fatal POST error.

    No 8 pin connector? Can the 12 pin connector fit and get plugged in anyway?

  4. Your PSU specs says it has 2 x 8-Pin EPS 12V connectors and doesn't mention any 12 pin connectors.
  5. Ok bud i found both a 12 and a 8 I over looked bag. I plugged her butt in it runs double as long as the 1st time maybe 4 seconds now and cuts off.. Will the video card cause it not to start up?

    I now have power to the CPU

    Still keeps shtting off
  6. Some BIOS power on self test (POST) code will kick a fatal post error on missing or bad video card.

    Does your BIOS settings offer an option to bypass errors and continue?

    What does that 12 pin connector go to? I can find anything with 12 pins listed in the spec.
  7. Both the 12 and 8 cord is labeled CPU Im guessing both cords are for two diffrent types.
  8. I wonder if the 12pin is for a server type CPU motherboard?
    It must be a new option for it not to be on the spec sheet. Maybe something for the upcoming Bulldozer or socket 2011 motherboard. Interesting.
  9. Question im getting the 570 i guess ill know then if its a pcu problem LOL Thank you for your help WR2 i greatly appreciate it
  10. No PSU problem with that excellent choice, I betcha. Just a top notch model.
    If there is a problem - it's probably a UPS gorilla handling your parts.
  11. Ok so i Put in a ati radeon 1900 xt 512mb Video card just to test it. Same thing happens. no video it cuts off in 5 seconds.
  12. That rules out a missing video card being the reason it won't post.

    How deep into the "System won't boot" checklist have you gone?
  13. Can you get it to open the BIOS?
  14. It doesnt stay on long enough to boot anything. I powers on then powers off 3 seconds after being on and then power cycles over and over
  15. Yeah, that's not long enough to finish POST.

    The "System won't boot" checklist is the best way to figure out what it is. I can't do remote diagnostics for you.
  16. Still nothing this power cycleing do u think its a defective board?
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