MY prebuilt list updated

i7-2600K $319

Sata Blu-Ray Writer Pioneer $122

AsRock Z68-Pro. Gen3 $209

Kingston SV100S2 128G $200
Seagate SATA3 1T $59
Seagate SATA3 1T $59

3G GTX590 asus

8G (4Gx2) 2133 G.Skill Ripjaws-X / Patriot Viper-Xtreme Div.2 $102

Antec 900 Nine-Hundred Gaming Tower without PSU $117

Corsair TX-750 ATX Power Supply Unit

Coolermaster Universal Hyper 212+ $32

3m V1.3c HDMI-HDMI M-M Cable Ritmo $24

undecided on 120mhz monitor or 3d tv

will this be enough to run all games at res 1080? even at 3d
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  1. Is there anything in this build im missing do you guys think? Or do you think

    something could be improved or a better option. I have had a recent post up with

    some feedback and i have updated the list to this. I was going to get all optional fans for the antec case as well. I don't want heating issues.. But i wont be OC unless i get bored
  2. If this doesn't run 3D graphics, I don't know what does...

    It is a very powerful build, but if you plan to overclock that cpu, go with the Noctua NH-D14 ( Best hsf right now. Although, if you are partial to the 212, it's still very good.

    Here is a little bit faster RAM
    Max voltage for i7, though.
  3. So i should be able to max out with max res quite easily? Good! ... also is there any chance of bottlenecking if i don't OC the cpu?

    I am planning to get this all at the same shop in Australia. So i'm limited to the range i can get but they have a decent range.. I'll run through the options you gave, very appreciated thanks! :)
  4. Is there anything else i'll need to keep adequate cooling? Airflow... is there any great cases to recommend?

    I did the mistake in the past when i got a 8800GTS i got it with a mid tower SHAW which had horrible airflow and it overheated my card. Plus I had used the generic psu hah good ole days! :)
  5. I don't think you will have issues with bottlenecking. If you do, the turboboost feature should be enough. Although, with a nice cooler, you could get this up to 4.8-4.9GHz. A full tower is going to allow more airflow normally, so i recommend the HAF series by Cooler Master. It's not pretty, but they are really great air cooling (good for water too).
  6. hyper 212+ 32$ to the Noctra which seems to be nicknamed Big ben is $90.

    If it means it'll be 40% safer and stable what is 60 dollars..
  7. (W) 243 x (H) 560 x (D) 564 mm

    if the gtx 590 is 2 x 520 ... it should be fine right? I thought it meant width and distance... if thats so its going to not fit.
  8. Will the noctra and the HAF 932 be enough to OC to 4+ghz? ofc i'll be placing fans whereever i can if i know it'll work.

    Someone told me on another thread that you get almost same performance for half the price of a 590gtx if i go 560gtx ti x2 bout 400 dollars cheaper... sounds good
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