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Upgrading my power supply, which should I choose?

Which power supply should I choose?

My System
Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P
Intel Q9650 @ 3.0GHZ
Evga gtx 260 216 (waiting on a gtx 460 rma considering multi-card phys x)
Sigma Shark 635w PSU
2gb ddr2 800mhz (I also planning to go to Corsair 4gb)
1tb WD Green 32mb cache
500gb Hitachi 16mb cache
Coolermater Centurion 590
Acer 22" 1680 x 1050 monitor
Logitech x540 5.1

My power supply is 3 years old and I am dipping to 11.78v according to hw monitor when playing FIFA 12 and PES 2012 thus I think it is time to upgrade my psu and (memory soon after) for peace of mind and potential use of the gtx 260 with the gtx 460 even though I am seeing phys x in 2-3 games I my actual want to play
My options are
SeaSonic X Series X650 Gold (special request from Newegg) =$901TT =$141US
CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX650 V2 650W =$860TT =$134US
CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX750 V2 750W =$1002TT =$157US
COOLER MASTER Silent Pro M700 =$850TT =$133US

I am buying it from a local store which actual is just purchasing it and shipping it to me with only 30days warranty from them and then I have to take it to the manufacturer myself!
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    The Seasonic "X" is one of the best PSUs you can buy. If money isn't a critical issue, get that one. If it is, get the Corsair TX650. If they have them, other valid choices would be Antec Truepower New, HCG, or Earthwatts models.
    I wouldn't touch the Coolermaster. That particular unit is decent, but some of their others (in addition to being bad) have liar-labels on them, or are missing claimed protection circuits (fact, not opinion; reviews at HardwareSecrets). That's dishonest, and a dishonest company does not deserve anyone's business, for any of its products.
  2. Thanks, almost made up my mind already but needed an unbiased opinion for confirmation
  3. The Seasonic X-650 has the required connectors for a system with a GTX260 and a GTX 460. The Corsair 650TXV2 does not, so you would have to use adapters if you bought that unit.
  4. Yep, good point!
  5. The Seasonic X-Series 650W (SS-650KM) would be my first choice recommendation too.

    Your only other choice, that fits your requirements (i.e. four 6-pin PCI-Express Supplementary power connectors), the Corsair Enthusiast Series TX750 V2, is also made by Seasonic for Corsair. It also gets good reviews by several reputable PSU review sites. This would be the second choice if the Seasonic X-Series 650W (SS-650KM) isn't available for some reason.
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