Possible to remove motherboard I/O connectors?

I have little project in mind for creating a very small form factor pc, what i would like to know is if its possible to remove unwanted connectors from the motherboard I/O, specifically the:
- 1 x DVI-I Port
- 1 x HDMI Port
- 1 x DisplayPort
without damaging the motherboard?
I wish to do this so i can instead install a small discrete graphics card without compromising the size of the build.
Any advice would be highly appreciated.
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  1. No, motherboards are multi-layer, so without the schematic, you have no idea what's on what layer

    why don't you just get one of these - http://www.cnn.com/2012/02/29/tech/raspberry-pi-launch/index.html
  2. possible? depending on your de-soldering (sweating off) skills; yes.

    though why would those I/O connections hinder using a graphics card?
  3. Well frankly I have no skill with de-soldering I want to be able to use a very small case which follows the contours of the motherboard so no higher than the highest connector on the motherboard which is around 3.5cm by removing those connectors I can place a low profile 7750 in its place. Well at least that was the plan. But it looks like it will have to be shelved. Unless I can find someone who can remove them.
  4. is this a car application?
  5. No, very limited for space around the tv, need something as low profile as possible, mainly want a semi-powerful htpc.
  6. Good stuff, but not exactly what I'm looking for.

    Also I have already gathered some parts. Asrock Z77E-ITX motherboard, Crucial msata 256GB SSD, I5 3470t CPU, 8GB of corsair ram. Pico 150watt power board.

    Was going to add a 7950 low profile as well.
  7. Errr 7750 sorry.
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