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I don't know if I picked the correct sub-category.

I have a wireless bridge made up of two d-link dwl-2100ap devices, one at my house and at my parents. They are set up as wds only. At my parents house there is also a dsl modem/wirelss ap. There I can access the interenet via wifi and access my house via the wireless bridge. At my house if I turn on a wireless ap or any wifi device the bridge fails. This does not happen at my parents house though. Any ideas on what might cause this? Thanks.
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  1. did you set it up as a AP Repeater or AP Client?

    it should be AP Repeater.
  2. It has a setting called WDS(wireless distribution system I believe) that I use. I then had to enter the mac addresses of the each one in the other. I've been using this setup for some time and the bridge works fine with my wired pc. I use the bridge to access the internet connection at my parents house. I can browse out to network places on any computer that's turned on and connected to my wired network in either house via the bridge. I can browse the internet or network places on any pc via a wifi device such as my laptop when at my parents house but not from my house. This means that the wifi device at my parents house can pull a file off of my computer via the bridge just fine. But when the wifi laptop antenna is turned on at my house the bridge fails and nothing is able to talk from one house to the other. It's not really a repeater I guess unless I don't know what a repeater is. Neither one of the dwl-2700's can be accessed wirelessly from a computer. They only talk wirelessly to each other. So, I'm not sure if I answered your question or not but that's the best I could do. Hope this is understandable. :)
  3. an AP Client will bridge wirelessly between the two buildings and you can use the LAN ports.

    an AP Repeater will bridge wirelessly between the two buildings, also will retransmit the wireless signal, and allow access via the LAN ports.
  4. Ok. Mine are set up as clients then. They only transmit wirelessly between themselves. All other communication is via LAN ports. I don't want it set up differently because it slows down the transmit rate over the bridge.
  5. Why do you think I need it setup as AP Repeater?
  6. if I understood this right, your problem is that you AP is getting disconnected from your parents house when you turn on your laptop in your place.

    If this true, changing it to a repeater should keep the AP connected to the other house and allow you to connect wirelessly.

    even if it could cut your current speed in half which would give you a max of about 25Mb, it is still faster then most internet connections available.
  7. You understood right. My question is, what causes it to fail at my house but not at my parents house since both ap's are the same?
  8. At your parents house all the traffic is relaying back and forth between the LAN ports and the antenna.

    At your house all the traffic is relaying back and forth between the antenna and the LAN ports. However the equipment is not setup to relay incoming traffic and outgoing traffic through the antenna ONLY.

    by trying to connect to your home AP you are flooding with info that it does not understand and it cannot keep up the connection to the other AP.

    It is like you are creating your own DDOS attack on your AP.
  9. So what your saying is that turning on my laptop antenna will flood my AP even though it (the AP) is not acting as an access point for the laptop because I have that disabled, and it (the AP) is only communicating with my house via wiring?

    I'm lost. Here's some drawings of my setup.

    this works

    this works

    this causes the bridge to fail
  10. ok. I told bridge ap to reject the laptop wireless mac address and the bridge is currently working with the laptop antenna turned on.
  11. Solved!

    Here's what I did. After rejecting the mac address to the laptop, I changed the AP setting from WDS to WDS with AP. Then I quit rejecting the laptop mac address. everything was working fine. So then I changed the AP back to WDS only and it no longer drops the bridge when a wifi antenna is turned on. It's working perfectly.
  12. I was asked to select best answer but the best answer was the my previous post and apparently I'm not able to select my post as best answer. Anyways, thanks to Emerald for the assistance and suggestions. I just wasn't able to vocalize my problem well enough for it to be understood. I finally solved the issue and recorded it in my previous post. Hope this helps.

    I will also add that it has only failed once in the last week and a simple restart fixed the issue.
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