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CPU Overheating

recently, i noticed that whenever i play any game, it runs good for about 3 - 4 mins, and then slows down severely, so i asked one of my friends who knows about computer hardware, i really don't know much myself. He told me to open the case and clean any dust in there, I did, but the result was..., nothing, it was all the same, i thought that i should check the CPU and gpu temps, so, I noticed that the graphics card runs at 35C - 43C idle and around 68C at full load, but the CPU is running at around 60C at idle and 99C at full load(i used prime95), so what do i need to do ?

Specs :

Motherboard: Intel DH67BL
CPU: i5 2400
Graphics card: XFX HD 6850
Case : Cooler Master CM 310
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  1. Try reseating the heatsink/fan. It may not be making contact. Also, check the thermal grease.
  2. Thank you, but i already tried that
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    Are you using the stock cooler? If you have replaced the cooler with an upgrade, check to see the fan direction is correct. Have you tried OCing? Make sure all cpu setting are defaulted in the bios. I would reset the bios to default values any way just to be sure. Is the cooler fan plugged into the correct header on the MB. There is a dedicated one for the cooler fan that needs to be used.
  4. You may have to re-paste and reaseat the heatsink: if the thermal paste was improperly applied it will hinder, not help cooling. It is a Goldilocks thing, not too little nor too much.

    A CPU should not idle at more than 10 C over ambient room temperature: usually in the 30's.

    What case are you using? Makes a lot of difference in cooling. You may need to heed Dog's advice and get a new CPU cooler.
  5. Also, check if CPU voltages are set to AUTO on your BIOS. I would advise you not to run anything on that machine before solving this, as 99 ºC is actually high enough a temperature to damage your CPU.

    Another thing, a CPU running at 99 ºC should produce a sensible amount of heat. Leave the case open and check if you can feel that. Maybe your motherboard is not reporting your temperatures correctly.
  6. CoolerMaster CM 310, stock cooler, and no overclock
  7. What are you using to check the temps?
  8. CoreTemp
  9. Try Real Temps and see what it says.
  10. take out your heat sink and and fan then add thermal paste on it and then put all things back then i think it would be fine bcz i have 2500k and my idle temps are 40 and on load it goes bot more then 70
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