Crossfire 4670 or New card?

I just upgraded my system and my next upgrade is video card.

I originally purchased an xfx geforce 9600 GSO and when it crapped out under warranty xfx sent me a Radeon HD 4670 1gb as a replacement. Given how strong my other hardware is what would you recommend, buying another 4670 to run a software crossfire or buying a new card altogether. Looking for the best bang for $200 or less. Any recommendations?

CPU- AMD Phenom II x6 1090t 3.2ghz (OC to 4 ghz @ 33c)

COOLER- Coolermaster hyper 212+ (push/pull)


RAM- Patriot G2 16GB (4x4gb) DDR3 1600

VIDEO- XFX Radeon HD 4670

HDD-WD Caviar 80 GB(7200rpm)
-Hitachi 1 TB(7200rpm)

PSU- Rosewill Extreme RX750 750 watts
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  1. For $190 you can get a 6870 here:

    Will be a significant upgrade from the 4670 which isn't worth cross firing at all. I suggest a new card like the one above.
  2. Welcome to the forums!

    If you can stretch your up front budget just a little further (and do not mind waiting for a MIR) you could pick up a 6950 1GB or GTX 560 Ti for $200/$185 (respectively and after MIR).
    Either will be a massive upgrade from your current 4670.

    As with Griffolion, your 4670 is unfortunately not worth CrossFiring at all.
  3. Here some benchmark listing that could help you decide what to look for:

    If you do buy from Newegg, use coupon code NEWCUSTOMER10 to take $10.
  4. Yes get a new card. Ideally a 560ti/6950 2gb, but a 6870 compared to your current card will be a huge jump in performance.
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