Sound has disapeared all of a sudden...?

Ok so I must have done something very recently but now I don't have any sound coming out my computer. First of all, here is what I'm running
Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
ASRock Gen3 Extreme3 motherboard (usinf inbuilt sound card... or at least trying to)

The sound has been working fine up until a few hours ago. Usually I have either an audio cable going from the mb to monitor or I plug my headphones in and it works. In Sound properties it is usually set to Speakers as default and both inbuilt speakers on monitor work and headphones running off that.

But now, the icon next to the Speakers in Sound properties has a red arrow pointing down and its telling me 'Not plugged in".

I have tried plugging in both headphones and audio cable in the back as well as front IO. I tried using a HDMI cable from my mb to monitor and HDMI from my GTX 560 Ti to monitor, no dice.
I also tried reinstalling all the audio drivers that came with the mb cd and I tried uninstalling all the drivers from Device Manager and letting them reinstall automatically after the computer restarted (they installed successfully but still no sound).

The strange thing is that it is always trying to play from Digital Audio (S/PDIF) (in Sound Properties) as opposed to Speakers like it always did. Also, when I start playing Itunes or something the green bar starts showing so the comp is indicating that sound is playing.

There are no yellow circles in Device Manager apart from Ethernet Controller and SEMC HSUSB Device under Other devices

I'm pretty sure its a software issue but I am fresh out of ideas here.

oh and I can't right click and enable on Speakers because they are already enabled, it just says theres nothing plugged in.
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  1. First and formost, make sure the speakers are set as the default output device. Secondly, make sure the applications you are using [such as Itnues] aren't set to use a different audio output [like SPDIF].
  2. I can't set the speakers to the default output device, that's the problem it just won't let me there is no option for it. It won't let me set any output device to default, no matter which I try it is always greyed out at the bottom.

    I have tried playing sound with a heap of programs/software. Usually I can hear windows sounds too but that is gone too
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