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I cannot find this answer anywhere!!!


I cannot find this answer anywhere.. I have an older workstation that my wife uses and its been working great with adobe photoshop cs3 but now I am going to cs6.. I am fine with the entire computer except the amount of ram in it.. It has just 2 2gb sticks.. The motherboard is an MSI 770-c45 am3 that has 4 dimm slots and supports up to 16gb.. My question is whether or not I can only put 4 4gb sticks in it, or can i just put 2 8gb in it??? Thanks TH Community!!!
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    According to this it only takes 4x4GB modules of DDR3 1333
  2. Hello,
    You can do both :
    Let's say those are the dimm slots : || || "A1| A2| . B1| B2| "
    You can place 4x4 GB in them , No problem || || "In all slots"
    Or you can place 8x2 GB , Also no problem! Just make sure it works in dual channel mode. to do so you must place the 2 RAM chips like this A1 + B1 or A2 + B2 Get it?

    But before you make a purchase make sure the RAM is DDR3. 1.5v and not above 1333MHz.

    Am i that bad? ._.
    So if i want to know the limit to a dimm slot , i devide the max ram to the number of dimms available? awesome.
  3. I saw that, but isn't that just the test bed.. I did not see anywhere it said that 4gb max per channel?
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    If the max per channel were 8 GB it would support 32 Gb total...
  5. it would be prudent to divide the max ram by how many dimm slots there are 16/4=4
  6. Well that is what I was wondering, thank you so much, I will just either buy the 4 4gb ram.. or upgrade the mobo and cpu as well because I am wanting future proof!! 32gb :D thank you so much
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