Motherboard wont start with new psu

Hello, bought a new psu (600 watt,) for an old motherboard, (abit kt133a.) Motherboard will not start. Motherboard does work with it's old PSU,(250 watt!) New PSU (600 watt,) works with a newer motherboard,( Asus p4v8x-x,!) What's the deal?
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  1. ....SOLVED......I forgot to check that "new" PSU had a -5 volt line for the ISA slot, (KT7133a had one.) Motherboard is looking for -5 volts that is not there on the new PSU. Looking around the web, I see others have had the same problem. Hmmn,..what will the enthusiast do these days? Look for ancient PSUs? Guess I could solder a -5 V regulator somewhere, etc.
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