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I've just bought 2 sticks of Kingmax 2GB DDR2 800mhz ram. I already had the same kind of 2 sticks of ram in my computer, i thought it's a good time to expand it with another 4GB-s of memory. Now here comes the issue. The system boots up, recognised the total of 8GB memory but at 667mhz!!! What the hell :(
It's the same brand, and the same 800mhz memory. I tried to load up the system with seperate kind of sticks installed, and figured it works flawlessly at 800mhz whenever i use only the 2 old sticks or only the new ones. Help pls...
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  1. You will need to check your motherboard documentation. I had a motherboard long ago, and basically it only supported DDR-400 speeds in specific memory configurations. From memory, I think some of the conditions that would drop it to DDR-333 would be if there was more than 1.5GB of RAM, or if any of the RAM modules was double sided, and I forget the rest, but there was a little matrix chart outlining this in the documentation. You may wish to check the documentation for your own board.
  2. I've checked the BIOS, and found theres some difference in timings between the new and the old one. i can manually set them to 400mhz, but im afraid if it causes some damage? I'll check the mobo manual too...
  3. the ram clock with set to lowest clock the system could handle so you have to set them manualy so they could work at the same cas that both of them could use
  4. might have to nudge the ram voltage a little bit.
  5. Finally figured out the solution. They had different timings so i had to insert the new sticks in the first two slots (timing 6), and after that the old ones (timing 5). Now the BIOS automatically adjusts to correct clock rate, and the slower timing.
  6. glad it work but do you have them run at 667 or 800
  7. They're running at 800mhz with the slower timing of the two 6-6-6-18 (other is 5-5-5-18). Tested in memtest86+ works flawlessly.
  8. go head and have fun
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