Buying new graphic card for an older computer

Hey. I want to buy a new graphic card 4 my pc.
my current specs:
Motherboard Asus p5n-D
CPU Intel Core duo 2 E6850
Memory 4GB Corsair DDR 2
Graphic Card Gforce 8800 GT
(I su'ck at writing post, so plz keep that in mind whene you read xD, sorry)
The reason I want to buy a new card is not only to make my pc run games faster but so I can put my 8800GT in my second pc to make it better aswell.
I do plan to buy a whole new pc after the summer so perhaps I could get a graphic card I could use 4 my new pc than, if much havent changed.

But now my question is, what graphic card to get?
Iv been lookin at the GTX 560 and it looks promesing.
Gainward GeForce GTX 560 1GB PhysX i found on a shop from my country and it has a nice price 244 USD. Its also the recommended card in that price class.

But i also see the GTX 560 TI and the cheapest on of those are the ASUS GeForce GTX 560Ti 1GB PhysX CUDA
to 306 usd. But i cant seem to find anny place about what TI is. Im wondering if it has something to with running 2 cards on sli? I dont plan to use a lot of mony on this so the TI is over my budget but if its a lot better I think I will go 4 it instead.
Anny way hope for fast replay and thx a lot. Im open 4 other suggestions to.
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  1. Please list what power supply you have and what case you have.
  2. I made a new post, thats a lot better written :P

    Cant deleted this thread.
    Administrator can you?
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