How a Phenom II 830 saved the day.

2 weeks ago I was at a Microcenter store and picked up a Phenom II 830 O.E.M. (quad core @2.8 ghz with 6 mgs L3 cache0 for $49.99 to use in a rig with an AMD 770 chipset. I was running Windows 8 Developer Preview and the price for the chip was great. Well I got the urge to upgrade my 970 chipset mb from a Phenom II 965 to a Thuban 1100 so yesterday I switched out the Phenom II 830 for the 965 BE on the 770 mb. Unfortunatedly when the new Thuban came it had a broken pin so I had to RMA back to Newegg ( they were great BTW). There I sat with a 970 rig with 2 460GTXs in SLI without a CPU---GRRRRR.

I thought no sense putting the 965BE back in because the RMA process should have me a new Thuban 1100 CPU from Newegg in a few weeks and I already had it running well in the 770 mb with Windows 8. I had the Phenom II 830 sitting there "without a home" so I slapped it into my 970 chipset rig, put on a stock cpu fan and fired it up. Was playing COD MW3 multiplayer for 2 hours without a hitch. I hardly noticed a difference from the 965BE.

BTW I also have an Intel 2500k rig @4400 with 2 5850s in Crossfire and yes it's faster, BUT that Phenom II 830 played very well without a hitch.

Truly a great chip!
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  1. People downplay the Phenom 2 800s as being obsolete, but they aren't that bad. I have one of the Athalon 2s rebranded as a Phenom 2 x4 840 and it is also a good value chip.

    For games that aren't CPU intensive, they tend to be good enough in combination with a good video card (or two).
  2. It will have to do until I get the RMA'd 1100T
  3. I rebuilt an old HP Vista DDR2 6150/430 with a 95w C3 PhII 925 & Biostar 6150/430 for less than $100 and it takes everything I throw at it, including Handbrake and Vegas.

    I haven't bothered to tweak on it (yet LOL) but spec max temps are 71c, so I figure with good air it will easily go 3.3-3.4GHz or higher without issue.

    It runs 100% load at 41-42c and 1.185-1.2v. I'm assuming that .015v vdroop is the ol' cheapo Biostar.
  4. Well this makes me feel a lot better about my old cpu :P

    Wait, is there a way to overclock the 830??? ^
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