$300 upgrade

I am looking to upgrade my computer with a new mother board, new ram, new vid card, and new cpu.
My goal is to be able to play COD Black ops and supreme commander without lag at low settings. Here is a list of parts that I am considering.
power supply (500W)

Let me know If I am headed in the right direction.
Thanks for your input!
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  1. Here's my advide on a different CPU, GPU, RAM :
    Motherboard: $55-Biostar 880G+(Same)

    GPU: $110- PowerCooler 6770(Will allow most games to run at medium details)

    RAM: $26- KingSton Value 2X 2GB

    CPU: $119- AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE(Has good overclocking potential)

    If you can sacrifice overclocking potential , go for intel CPU + Motherboard
    CPU: $125- i3 2100(Solid gaming performance)

    Motherboard: $50- Biostar H61
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