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Hello, like to know if you can run two eternet cards on one computer one acting as out to the net other acting as the incoming
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  1. Technically, I suppose you could.

    Using two network adapters, establish separate network connections to the same router. Each will have a different local IP address (e.g., and Because of the way Windows works, you can only use *one* of those network connections for OUTBOUND Internet access anyway (specifically, the one w/ the higher priority under Network Connections). Let’s assume that’s the network connection w/ IP address For any unsolicited INBOUND requests (file sharing, remote desktop, etc.), you could limit your port forwarding to the other network connection and its IP address,

    Now frankly, I don’t see much benefit here. I don’t even know for sure if this is what you’re after. There’s enough ambiguity in your question that it’s possible you have something completely different in mind. I just made a guess and provided one possibility. If I’m way off base, then try to describe what you want in more specific terms.
  2. You are on the right track. Know with a phone motem you can link them one in and other out with just a click of the mouse. If I'm understanding you I would need to lock the ip in the router to them.
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