Front panel LED connector help?

Hello guys
I have a computer(current specs Core 2 quad q6600 3 gig ram and 500gb hdd)
The motherboard is a Foxconn G9657MA and currently the front LED's are not plugged in, but I just wanted to check, there are 4 2pin and one 1 pin connector(the 1 pin connector is yellow, the 2 pin connectors are from top to bottom, Blue and green, blue and green again, light red, yellow and red) and the pins that connect are (pink and yellow, red and yellow, and blue and white)
Which pins do I put in the connectors? no-one will probably know but can anyone take a guess?
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  1. Do you know the Model and manufacturer of the motherboard? Just find the motherboard on the manufacturers website and down load the manual.
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