Upgrading GraphicCard(GPU) from 8800GT to GTX560? with/wo TI?

I want to upgraded my pc's graphic card.
Been looking at the GTX 560 non IT. Is it good?
Is there a lot of diffrence on the 560 with and without IT?
My pc can handel Shogun Total war 2 pretty nice with medium settings, crysis 1 on medium/hige so its been a pretty nice pc. But now with Crysis 2 it was only playable to a certain degree on the lowest settings, and with the upcomming oblivion 5 I want to be able to play it.
I dont expect to play on top graphics, since the CPU, memory and the disk's arent very good, but hope to be able to play crysis 2 and Skyrim if I get a new graphic card.

Im from norway and gonna buy from this site (list of there graphic cards) http://www.komplett.no/k/kl.aspx?mfr=&bn=10488&sortBy=p&zbo2=true
They recommend the Gainward GeForce GTX 560 1GB PhysX to 244 USD.
Dont want to spend much more than that.
But if the GTX IT is a lot better, than I might go for one of those. The cheapest i found was ASUS GeForce GTX 560Ti 1GB PhysX CUDA to 306 USD. (what is CUDA?)

My current specs:
Motherboard Asus p5n-D
CPU Intel Core duo 2 E6850
Memory 2x2GB Corsair DDR 2 (400 MHz)
Graphic Card Gforce 8800 GT
Power 500 wat.

I got 2 pc's so gonna put my 8800 GT in the other pc so its usable aswell.

So what graphic card to choose, will the GTX work wit my current pc?
Anny thing els I could do with my pc to make a lot better exept from new cpu.
Thx a lot for your expertise :D
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  1. nobody that can help?
    All help is greatly appreciated!
    Thx :)
  2. What resolution are you using? What is the exact spec of the PSU?
  3. Im running on 1280x1024 but im most likly buying a new widescreen soon. But what dos that have to do with it most cards supports most resolutions.
    Hm after checking my psu is the zalman zm360B 360 Wat. But i got another 1 with 500 Wat somewhere if needed.

    I just want to know if theres a big diffrence in The GTX and GTX IT, and if it would be ok with my computer?
    i can always get another PSU if needed.
  4. Unless you get a new higher resolution monitor, there is no justification in getting a GTX 560 Ti. You'll have to get a new PSU as well.
  5. dos it really matter what resolution i will play oblivion skyrim in and crysis 2? It wont work with my current GT8800 but it will with the new GTX.
    Why not simply answear my question: THE GTX will work good with your pc if you get a new PSU cuse yours to weak. you need a good 500Wat.
    THE GTX IT is in fact quite a lot better, you get more for your mony with his card. I'd reccomend getting it instead.
    Something like this would have been very nice to get from the verry start.
    Thx to the guys on 3dguru for good answears.
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