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Hey, I have a soundblaster live value running on a k63-475 via chipset board. No irq conflicts and everything was fine. I upgraded my savage pci graphics card to a asus 6800 delux (gforce ddr) and now I get crackling in every game I play. I tried another agp graphics card (TNT2U guillemot) and got the same problem but worse. Is it possible my agp slot is messed up? I'd never used it before the geforce so I don't know. All drivers are up to date etc. Please help me if you've ever encountered a similair problem or even if you haven't.
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  1. This problem is well documented at Creative. They say that some graphic cards, mostly the new and good ones, have drivers that mess up the sound.

    Their solution is to lower the hardware acceleration for the soundcard and graphics card. And then stating it is due to incompatible drivers from the graphic card manufacturer. Personally I think this is bull, but that seems to be the only thing that really works.

    Hop on over to their site and use the solution finder under support and see for yourself.
  2. thanks- I counldn't find the documentation on creative though. Can you give me a link? I'll try that out and see if it works, sounds like a lot of crap though. Not your post I mean, but creatives lame excuse. maybe I'll get a mx300.

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  3. Sure. Just go <A HREF=",KB=Creative" target="_new"> here</A> and check it out. If they have come up with anything new, tell me.
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