'XFX 9800GT No Signal' Problem

Hi all.

I have recently purchased an XFX 9800GT 512mb, HDMI/DVI (Green I believe) card as an upgrade for my Palit 7600GT 256MB. I also bought a DVI-D to DVI-D cable necessary to conect the card to the monitor. I replaced the new card and upon start up I hear some clicks (normally it's one) from what I believe is the Hard Drive. The computer then starts up fine but the monitor states 'No Signal'. The old card works fine with the new cable and the existing setup but the new one does not. The new card seems to be seated correctly and the fan spins around normally, albeit a little noisily. Any help would be greatly appreciated, ty. :)

System Specs:

Windows Xp Home Edition

Main Board - MSI MS-7253 ver: 1.0
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ (2.20GHZ)
Hard Drive - ExcelStor Technology J8160S(164.70 GB)
Monitor - Hanns.G HN198D (19.1")
Realtek High Definition Audio
PSU - Corsair TX650 Series V2
(+12V@52A(Single Rail))
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  1. OK, I've decided to send back the card regardless. Can any give me their opnion on the following cards bearing in mind my current rig specs. I know that a PCI-E 2.0 should in theory, work. Upgrading my rig apart from the GPU is not an option atm, I just need something that will play most games on medium, the 7600GT needs to go. :P




    I emailed a store near me and the guy offered this:


    .... which I think is more like an overclocked 9600, he was also asking around £85 ($140) for it!

    Thanks for any input guys, I really need the advice! :)
  2. Realised that my motherboard has a Via chipset and have read of known probs with 2.0 cards. Looks like I would have to flash the GPU BIOS maybe, in order for a newer card to work. Anyone know if this will be the case? How hard is it to flash the BIOS on a GPU?
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