Cannot get a display to show on the monitor, brand new build

Hi, I have spent approximately two days trying to fix an issue I have been having with a desktop that I have been trying to build for my father and am stuck at the same exact problem. The build I am currently using for this computer consists of the following parts (all of which are brand new):

RAM: (two of these)
Hard Drives: (being used for storage and I also have a 320gb 7200 RPM drive that I planned on using for the OS installation and I can't find the URL for it.)
CD/DVD Drive:
Video Card: The video card I'm using is an old nVidea GeForce 9400GT and I can't seem to find a URL for it.

When I initially assembled the components together, I was able to successfully boot the system long enough to install Windows 7 Professional edition on the 320gb hard drive. After the installation completed, I used the My Computer function to ensure both hard drives were being detected and found that the 500gb hard drive was not being detected. I decided to reboot the system to open the bios and see if the hard drive was being detected by the bios. However, this lead to me discovering that the bios had detected an overheating issue with the CPU (it was running at temperatures of 98C). I then disassembled the computer to examine the thermal paste on the CPU to see if it was making good contact, and everything looked evenly spread and ordinary. When I tried to reassemble the computer, however, I was no longer able to get a display to show up on the monitor and the boot sequence had changed.

Everytime I attempt to boot the system, the computer will turn itself on for about 15-20 seconds (all the lights on the motherboard flash, the hard drives start spinning and all the fans spin as well) and then turn itself off again, but then it will turn back on and stay turned on. During this entire time, however, I will not get any visual display to show on the monitor. The only thing the monitor does is show a message saying it has no signal, and then it enters the sleep mode. I have tried using replacement parts for both the CPU and the motherboard (same exact models) and I even tried using another brand new power supply (800W Cooler Master Gold edition) and I still get the same error, no visual display on the monitor. I have also tested to ensure the monitor isn't failing, and am all out of ideas as to why all my brand new parts (for some two new parts) fail to work. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated, as I would love to assemble my father's computer as soon as possible.
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  1. Have you tried removing the 9400GT and trying to boot off of the motherboards integrated graphics?
  2. Yes, I have tried booting using the motherboard's integrated graphics and I still get no display.
  3. You could try to hard reset the CMOS, however, make sure you're aware of ESD and the risk. Just make sure you ground yourself.

    ^ sorry, forget that, just re-read you've already swapped out the motherboard.
  4. Theoretically that only leaves the HDD's, RAM, CD/DVD drive and the case?

    Have you tried to boot with just the CPU, MOBO, minimal RAM while not in the case?
  5. I have tried booting with just the CPU and motherboard with no ram, but it was in the case. When I boot with no ram and just the motherboard and CPU, the boot cycle changes to turning on for 1-2 seconds to turning off, and then turning back on and staying on but still no visual display. Would booting it this way outside of the case really affect it?
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    There is a possibility that the motherboard could be in some way seated wrong, and it also totally rules out the very slim chance that the cables from the case's USB's and audio jacks is in any way related.

    However, if its running for 1-2 seconds, its unlikely the seating is the problem, but there is a chance.
  7. I just tried booting it the way you recommended me to and i got a visual display when i placed the motherboard on cardboard with nothing but the monitor, cpu, and both power slots on the motherboard plugged in! Does this mean that my case is what's preventing my system from turning on?
  8. Well, it certainly seems that way. Are you mounting your motherboard on the headers that came with it?

    These things:

    If taking it out fixed it, it means the mobo is touching the bottom of the case and is shorting, so power isn't being carried through the mobo.
  9. The motherboard was mounted on the headers that came with it, but I accidently used a couple incorrect screws which may have caused the error. I also realized that the thermal paste wasn't making very good contact with the CPU causing my overheating issues and I have managed to fix the computer. Thanks for your help!
  10. No problem, good luck to you.
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