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I7 930 stock cooler replacment and more


so ill start with the link so u will better understand my problem.

ok psu intake fan its right above the cpu sucks in the hot air....bad right?.... now cpu runs at 50c idle at stock speed 2.8ghz bad?
what cpu aftermarket cooler i can use there? see the pic? should be the same size as the stock...but improve my temps...
should i turn around the psu with the fan up and drill a 120mm hole in the top of the case? ( will need to cut or drill the frame too...see pic)

gpu....runs at 60c idle ...700/1400 at 1036 bad?

should i drill a hole on the side window and install a fan to blow right on gpu fan?

thx for ur input ....i dont wanna buy a bigger case....i like the look of this money...
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  1. Here is our site for replacement HSF (heatsink/fan) for the Intel® Core™ i7 processors For an 3rd party cooler I like the Cooler Master hyper 212 + has a low cost and works well.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  2. Christian did u check out the pic on the link i put in my comments? i ques not:)...because u would see it no way in the world i can fit a 212+ there....
  3. Urbz said:
    thx for ur input ....i dont wanna buy a bigger case....i like the look of this money...

    Unfortunately the teeny case leaves you few options. Antec 620 might work if the tubes are long enough to get to a fan mount, but I don't think so.
  4. finally somebody got back to me:) yea i looked to the antec but its a 120mm fan so i thought maybe this would be better as a 92mm rod and fans but as u sad how the hell im gonna know if the tubes are long enough?
    Dang, i didnt wanna spend money on a case:)....
  5. spentshells
    i have 3 inches + - few 16-tins , now u saw in the pic my psu fan its right above the
    cpu by the psu fan pulling and cpu pulling in different directions like half inch apart...yea those coolers looks alright ,as we speaking my cpu it 49-45c on cores
    by listening to music and here the forums...

    the first its 2.5inch but i think without fan so even if i put a slim fan 0.5 inch one im right there at 3.... half inch from the power supply
    maybe if i could turn upside down the psu so the fan should be in thats a challenge

    ill may get that from microcenter so i can return it if i need too...

    thx for input
  6. Problem is most 92mm hsf aren't designed to cool an i7 9xx series cpu.
    The few that are designed for 1366 are $30.
    They won't significantly lower temps either from what you already have.
    A new case will lower temps immediately even with the stock cooler.
    Plenty of decent cases for @$40-50 these days = they'll also allow for better hsf.
    I wouldn't spend a dime on a new cooler for that case it won't yield any major improvements.
  7. Dav I'm not sure what you are saying about the 92MM coolers, It doesn't make sense (If you care to explain I would appreciate it) The Thermaltake I linked to should be a bit better with the copper contact pippes.

    OP Any Thoughts on some of the closed loop coolers H50 or H60 ? Perhaps if you put the radiator in a position away from the PSU fan.
  8. true, now if i buy a better case like for 130-ish plus a good cooler saw 1 at 70 there its 200$ how about buying an external liquid cooler? would that fit in the price?
    im looking on see what i can find...or just go like this? VS
  9. Best answer
    Maybe this ?
    if you are going to buy a new case you could just ignore this.
  10. i dont wanna necessary to buy a new case....but i hate how i7 930 runs at stock 2.8....and idle im the only place i see i can put a closed loop its as u looking at the videocard in the left side its a smal can be replaced with a bigger 1...just need to measure how big....if a 92mm would fit...then im set....i did email the guys from asetek to tell me how log are the tubes...didnt get back yet...
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  12. I just followed the link and the price has gone up 30 dollars .... WOW
  13. spentshells said:
    I just followed the link and the price has gone up 30 dollars .... WOW

    i went with this after all...
    price was too good....and probably will go with the h-100 ....fits perfect under that black top..made 4 it.....80 for the box and 90 for the h100
    total my i7-930 can do hes job:)
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