Looking to upgrade my rig for Battlefield 3

So about 3 years ago i built my current gaming computer, current specs are:

Quad core 6600 G0 @ 3GHz
ATI Radeon 4850
4096 MB RAM
Windows 7 64Bit

So I definitely want to be playing Battlefield 3 so that it looks great and runs really well. I played the Alpha and it was pretty choppy at any resolution higher than 1280 x 720 and low graphics settings.

What would you guys recommend upgrading my hardware to? Does my graphics card support crossfire or is it better just to buy a new card and throw my current one away?

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  1. Hi
    What i am running is an Intel Core 2 Q6600 Quad Core with three gig of ram and a Radeon hd 4500 video card .. What i would like help with is what video card do i need to run bf3 and another problem i have is in my tower, i dont have much space were the new video card would fit .. as my old Geforce 9500 gt video card the fan was catching on my sound card.
  2. throw in 4gigs so its all dual channel, then get a 6900 card and you should have no problems running bf3
  3. how about if i buy a PowerColor AX6950 2GBD5-2DH Radeon HD 6950 Video Card - 2GB, GDDR5, PCI-Express 2.1 (x16), Dual-DVI ?
    Thanks for replying
  4. only problem is the space inside my tower, my last card i had was a Geforce 9500 gt and the fan kept catching my sound card
  5. For BF3 you would only need a Phenom X4 CPU and a good GPU.

  6. CPU: Intel Quad Core Q6600 @ 2.4 GHz
    RAM: 3GB
    MOBO: Asus P5BW-LA (Basswood3G)
    GPU: Radeon hd 4500

    i am looking into buying a gtx 560 ti
    Can you suggest me a GPU which would be ideal for my current PC ?
  7. Is an EVGA 012-P3-1572-AR GeForce GTX 570 SuperClocked Video Card - 1280MB, GDDR5, PCI-Express 2.0 (x16), Dual DVI, Mini HDMI, DirectX 11, SLI Ready , compatiable with this Motherboard Asus P5BW-LA (Basswood3G)
    Motherboard ID 06/08/2007-Broadwater-P5BW-LA3-00
    thanks ...
  8. sorry meant gtx 560 ti
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