Please help. First time build Tech problem

Hi, So I just build my new computer that I bought from newegg.

Last night I was extremely happy, it worked perfectly. But this morning when I tried to turn it on it doesn't work. All the fans are running really hard when I turn on the power adapter, then when I press the power button the fans calm down to normal speed... All of them are working, plus there is a green light on the motherboard. Yet there is nothing displaying on the moniter. I mean nothing, I have tried a second moniter and it doesn't work either. I removed all the screws holding the mother board down and still nothing. Now when I tried pressing the memok button, the dram_LED blinks red.

Can someone please suggest what I can do? I still don't understand how from yesterday when everything was working properly to today, where nothing works.

It is an ASUS M5A97 motherboard
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  1. That fan thing was bugging me so I reset the placement of the motherboard and found a metal sliver that was touching the motherboard?!?!?! anyway i removed it rescrewed in the motherboard and now everything seems to be working :) :
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