How much more Powerfull is Radeon HD 6950 2GB than1GB??

Is spending more money for the 2gb usefull for me?? Is the 2GB version equal to 2x 6950 in crossfirex?? Or what will be the difference??

I will Playing Games like Crysis and Metro 2033 at max out settings.
My cpu-AMD Phenom X4 955
Res- 1600*900.
I hope to get some helpful answers from you guys.
Thank you.
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  1. No the 2gb edition is not as powerful as a crossfire setup of 6950.Is a bit more powerful and it mainly helps if you want to set up an eyefinite project or if you play in high resolution(i think) other than that they are about the same thing.I think it worths the extra money.
  2. At your resolution the difference between 1gb and 2gb will be small, if even noticeable. Past a certain point (which is currently 1gb) more memory on a graphics card will give diminishing returns. It does depend on the game and your resolution somewhat: the latest, best looking games played at 2560x1600 will benefit somewhat from 2gb memory on the graphic card, but not too much: most likely you'll have less, or less severe "hickups" when loading a new environment, but framerates will only be slightly higher, nowhere near twice as high.
  3. they perform pretty much the same on 'normal' resolutions

    2gb makes sense for 3 screen eyefinity setups
  4. Both cards are the same speed just one has more ram. the 2gb card is only faster where more than 1gb vram is being used. if your running 1080p res i dont think there is a game currently out that needs more than 1gb vram.....although thats not to say they wont release one in the future. Some texture mods for games may use up more ram. I would go with the 2gb version.
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