New Rig, X4 955 + gtx 570 or I5 2400 + Gtx 560

Hey everyone, I will be purchasing a new Gaming rig soon, and was wondering which pc would perform better between these two.
AMD X4 955 with a GTX 570 or
Intel i5 2400 with a GTX 560
Thanks for any help!
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  1. It depends on the game and the resolution, but the difference would be slight. But at stock, I would imagine at 1080p the i5 would take the lead.
  2. Actually the other way round .

    At higher resolutions the graphics power of the 70 will pay off and the AMD system will be the winner .
    At lower resolutions the intel will score higher fps .... but uselessly since monitors refresh at 60 Hz [ ie 60 frames per second ] and you wont actually get them appearing EVER

    So , the AMD system
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