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Hello everyone, I am looking to buy a new laptop, and well there are two components i need further help in deciding between.

First is the processor:
Core i7-2630QM (quad) vs Core i7-2620M (dual) vs Core i5-2410M (dual, i think?)

Also the Graphics Card:
nVIDIA GeForce® GT 555M (2GB) vs nVIDIA GeForce® GT 540M (1GB)

With regards to the graphics card, i know the 555M is better, but is it worth £35 more, and does it generate alot more noise/heat?

With the Processor Im not really sure because the Core i7 dual core is more expensive than the i7 quad core, im mean how can that be? Yes it is clocked faster, though.

Thank you
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  1. Hello winkerbie;

    Nvidia GT 555M or AMD HD 6770M are about top of the mid-range of notebook GPUs and about the same in performance.

    Have you stopped by the Laptop and Notebook section of the forums yet?

    Check the Laptop Buyers FAQ link below.
  2. You have extensive GPU comparison information and CPU comparison info at I use it all the time. Incidentilly, I am considering a laptop with the Core i7 2820 and the Nvidia GT 555M to. The GPU is in the upper mid-range cards and will do nicely for most applications including gaming, but not on Ultra settings in the most demanding games.
  3. nvidia gpu's in laptops never last i would not trust them at all - they still have the same old issues

    go ATI for GPU
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