Maxing Metro 2033 (and other THQ games)

Wow I love THQ I lost interest in most of my games after High School about a year ago but THQ makes games with Russians and gas mask which are like my two favorite things.

Anyway I need (I would also enjoy recording it for commentary etc) to max out Metro 2033 I currently run on this:

Phenom x4 965 BE @3.4GHz
GTX 580 @850/1700
Crosshair Formula IV
750W Silencer PSU
4GBs DDR3 @1600

I tried OC'ing the CPU but it yielded no performance gains, I want to play at 1920x1080 unless you guys think I should opt for 2560x1600 but I think that would cost about 3 times as much to get the same results.

My RAM doesn't cap it either as far as I can tell when monitoring it, so I have to assume it just needs more graphic muscle to get the job done should I find a buyer for my current 580 and try to save up for 2 580s W/3GBs of VRAM or just get a 2nd 580 with the standard VRAM?

Please don't ask if one game is worth it, I look forward to Last Light as far away as it is and I enjoy having an extreme amount of graphic power so it's not like this is only for one game.
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  1. Since 2560x1600 monitors are $1400, that is not an insignificant/ casual choice...

    A GTX580 can crank out 42 fps at 1920x1200 in Metro 2033, but only 27 fps at 2560x1600....
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    my overclocked GTX570's will max it at 1920 x 1080 @ a minimum of roughly 60FPS, and usually around 100 - 140FPS.

    2 x GTX570's would be enough for playable FPS.
  3. What is your definition of max settings? Most benchmarks, all the ones I've seen, do not turn on DoF in there very high settings benchmarks. They usually don't include PhysX either. Both of those will add to the required setup to play.

    With the benchmark, with Max Settings, including DoF but not PhysX, I found my 6950's scored 42 FPS, without DoF it's about 56 if I recall. This is at a resolution of 1920x1200.

    The actual game play isn't ever quite as demanding as the benchmark, from what I can tell. Even when you are in the area of the benchmark, there is far less going on.
  4. Max includes PhysX and Advanced DOF I can get playable FPS with my 580 but when I go near anything with the outside light pouring in it cuts FPS massively.

    An example would be when Hunter arrives or when you look outside while in the library.
  5. If you want physX, which I cannot personally see an oz of difference with it on, you'll want at least 560 ti's in SLI or better.

    Since you currently have a 580 and considering going to a higher resolution, you may as well add another 580.
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