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Hello All,
I currently have an EVGA GTX 590 Classified, CORSAIR Professional Series HX750 PSU, Intel X25-M 80GB SSD. I am looking for a case, mobo, and RAM to go with them for $600 the most. This PC will go in my living room as it will be my primary source of movies and games (i currently lost my "office" to my 2 year old son).

I need a case that will be as quiet as possible while maintaining as cool as temperature as possible. As it will be sitting in my living room I would like it to be something that kind looks...sleek enough to fit in. All of that and the ability to fit the card in it without having to bend anything in. Something like this

NZXT Phantom -

For mobo and RAM I can go as low (or maybe I'm just stuck because of price) is an Intel i5 with 4GB (love to have 6GB or more).

I looked at this setup but I am very wary of the board that comes with it as the feedback seems to be around 50-50.

Any one have any suggestions for a build like this?

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  1. First, I realized I didn't post the link of the build i I was originally looking at -
    I just don't think the case will work in the living room although i DO really like it. Also the mobo looks like it is average at best.

    That was ungodly fast mjmjpfaff. I actually saw a ton of answers you gave to other people...are you...a sentient AI?? :heink: I kid, I kid. Thank you for the info.

    BTW, i should have mentioned that the wife has input in the aesthetics of the case and she likes this case as it reminds her of Aliens...she's a sci-fi fan. The only issue I have is the price of everything. I really do have a limit right now but since we have nothing to watch my time is limited. I will probably have to forego the storage drive and burner which is not too big (i have a nas for storage) but would like the internal storage as an intermediate for storage. I will keep looking for something slightly less expensive. But I really do appreciate the quick help.
  2. what parts do you need right now? do you have the operating system, speakers, keyboard, monitor, mouse storage drive....?
  3. I need a case, mobo, RAM, Processor, Optical drive(I can probably canabalize an older system for this temporarily though)
  4. asrock z68 extreme3- 130$

    CPU & heatsink- same one i posted last time 257$

    RAM- 58$

    case- same one i just posted 140$

    dvd burner- same one i just posted 20$
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