What video card setup is this?

Hello. I'm trying to figure out what graphics card(s) are in this computer. It's not mine, and this is the only image I have to go on. I know it's probably an ATI Radeon. (Obviously) But I need to know the model number, or at least the series.
I figured the people here could identify this in a few minutes. It would take me all day.

And I'm kind of in a hurry to find out, but of course, no rush. :)

So what kind of a setup is that? It's a Dell XPS. Is that two graphics cards there, or some kind of a dual setup, or what?…
I know a lot about computer hardware, but not that much, so I'm having a hard time figuring this out.
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  1. Yes this is a crossfire setup. I don't think it really matter what card since most current ati cards can crossfire easily on the right motherboards. Single cards are usually prefered in terms of price/performance because usually with crossfire you don't get 100% performance from both cards.
  2. Can you have a crossfire setup with a Radeon HD 4850? I did some research on Google and am almost certain they're 4850s.

    But it would play games good enough, right? Like, say, the newest Call of Duty on…medium. I never put the resolution above 1024x768 so my performance would be better than a benchmark site's "medium". ?
  3. 6850's current equivalent would be overkill at this resolution. A 6670 would be good at that resolution ,but it also depends on the rest of your computer setup.
  4. I said 4850, not 6850. ;)
    Unless you were recommending a 6850?

    Anyway, I intend to buy the computer in that picture. It has a 2.8GHz quad-core, 4GBs of RAM, and apparently that crossfire 4850 setup. (That's the only thing they didn't specify)

    I mostly want to play Bad Company 2, Black Ops, Modern Warfare 1 and 2, Crysis, and Far Cry 2 on medium and maybe high if possible, all on DX9 settings. (Excluding resolution, which will always be at 1024x768) And Battlefield 3 later in the year, but I don't expect to play it on high settings. More like low or medium.
  5. For that resoution you could easily make a 500$ computer that can play everything for max. The system is overkill for till about 1600x1200 where you could still probably play games near max.
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    yeah 2 4850s are roughly the performance of a 5850 but it also matters what cpu is in that computer, ram, mobo, etc.... crossfire 4850s with a proper cpu can easily play most games at 16X10 on max settings.
  7. on a side note the cables in that rig look like absolute hell, a noob build indeed
  8. jjb8675309 said:
    on a side note the cables in that rig look like absolute hell, a noob build indeed

    I was gonna comment on this to ,but it seemed out of place. Also with the wires all loose like that it could effect the airflow making the computer hotter.
  9. lol well if the OP is going to purchase then they should know that the cable management is poor which would lead me to believe that the previous owner might have been a noob
  10. Nah, I know a lot about the workings of computers. Built some myself before. I'll be sure to fix it all up once I get it. Thanks for all the help, everyone. :)
  11. sounds good have fun
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