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Budget Video Card for Starcraft 2?

Hi, I'd like your recommendations on buying a budget video card for my current rig (details below). All I am interested in is playing at high settings in 4v4 situations with no lag. I'm not worried about future compatibility issues. Starcraft 2 only :)

Current rig:
CPU: AMD Athlon II X3 450 3.20 []
Video: EVGA GeForce 7800GT 256MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI []
RAM: GSkill 4GB DDR3 1333 []
Mobo: ONE slot for PCI-E x16 / TWO slots for PCI-E x1
PSU: Earthwatts 450W

Budget/Etc: $50 or less, preferably. I don't particularly care for HDMI.

Based on my current rig, I believe that my video card is my bottleneck. I play fine at low settings (no lag), but recently my computer has been freezing for ~5-15 seconds, several times each game. My fps also seems lower in high-food situations (compared to several months ago when I installed my new CPU/mobo, when my video card was cleaner). I'd probably get better performance by cleaning out the fan in my video card, but if I'm going to go down there, I might as well install a new video card that will let me play at high settings. I'm getting bored with low settings :D

I can't tell what's good on newegg anymore. There seem to be a lot of cards suitable for HTPC/other rigs that might not work for me? Or maybe a HTPC-suitable card will be fine for my needs, I just don't know. I don't want to get fooled by misleadingly high RAM/CPU specs.
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    This should be good its slightly above ,but I doubt anything less will be effective enough to play at high.
  2. for $50 you can forget it. You should be getting no less than a gts450 or ati 5770.
  3. Get the 6770!
  4. You can use this HD 5670 for $49.99

    or something a bit beefier an HD 4850 for $49.99

    I would not spend more on a mid-ranged card just save up for ur next major upgrade
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    A 5670 should be able to give you 30+ FPS at 1920x1200 resolution with visuals settings at High (if you are planning to play at a lower resolution, then FPS will increase). Having said that Greg's recommendation of 5750 will be bit more appropriate IMO, and your PSU should be able to handle either of these.
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