I'm trying to update my BIOS

I'm on an MSI 770-G45, I've been trying to update my computer's bios for the past 3 weeks now. But despite the instructions given by the manufacturer, after the restart, I get the I/O error, and then it redirects to the normal boot..... It's frustrating because I really need to update it. It's outdated by quite a bit now.

P.S: I've been trying to update it by flash, but that doesn't seem to be working. Is it possible to update straight off the HDD itself? or must it be by disc / flash drive?
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  1. Is there a specific reason you are trying to update the BIOS other than it being older? If you're not trying to fix a problem, don't bother. There would be no need to. Read the info on the updates to see if any of it applies to you and will fix something. Just because it's out dated serves no purpose. And yes there are tools that can flash the BIOS from the HDD.
  2. well, I've been trying to play the new counterstrike recently.... and I've been having "Nvidia Windows kernal" crashes, it would recover; but having it in the first place scares me.

    Now, I know the first thing to come to mind is "go to nvidia and ask for tec support there" well I have, and I'm troubleshooting possible causes. In the mist of the possible causes, it mentioned to check to see if your bios is updated (which mine isnt); also, my video driver is updated (for the geforce 9600gt).

    There was a mention on the steam forums (valve post) that stated that they recognize that most of the current crashing issues have to do with outdated BIOS. So as for me... Just trying to put two and two together : /.... as far as other games go I don't any problems.
  3. Check your PC specs against the Game specifications and then you might see where the problem lies.

    A BIOS update might work if there is a need but it is always best to list your PC specs when asking a Question so that it is not a hardware problem like low watts PSU or mixed ram, or it could be the Razer mouse or keyboard, etc..

    What Nvidia upgrade drivers did you use? Don't use the BETA version, they could be causing the fault.
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