What is the most reliable platform today?

I'm going to buy a new computer and the priority is reliability. No crashes, bsod, drivers issues, patches needed, bios tweaking needed, etc.

So I would like to ask you what you think is the most reliable, and stable platform today.

First, what's the best chipset considering the quality and the maturity of the drivers and the compatibility issues (i.e. with some memory modules).
Considering that performance is not a big issue (any quad core would be enough) and no OC is planned.

So which chipset and cpu should I choose?

is Z77 (the newest) mature enough?

Then, about durability, beside any marketing effect, which mobos are the toughest? Asus TUF? Asus ROG? Gigabyte G1? EVGA SLI? EVGA FTW?
Which one has the best bios and the most frequent updates?

Also, what's about the GPU? I always heard that nvidia's drivers are better than AMD, is it still true? Are all nvidia's GPU as reliable? (I'm considering 660ti or 670, but may go for 7950 if it's more reliable).

Thank you for your help!
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  1. Intel is coming out with the 22nm Haswell next summer that is rumored to be 4.2 ghz+ at stock speed with a 35mb cache.

    Well considering that you want the best equipment that money can buy then i say X79 lga 2011(ivy bridge) is the best one.

    I recommend the Asus Rampage IV Extreme http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/Intel_Socket_2011/Rampage_IV_Extreme/ combined with Core i7-3960/70X

    The mid range is the Z77 lga1155 (sandy bridge) where i recommend the Maximus V Extreme http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/Intel_Socket_1155/Maximus_V_Extreme/#CPUS combined with Core i7-3770K

    The low range is for people on a shoestring budget or just diehard amd fanboys, AMD AM3+ where i recommend the http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/AMD_AM3Plus/Crosshair_V_FormulaZ/#specifications That will most likely release in October with the FX-8350


    Amd have had many problems with the 7xxx series since the top scientists/designers/directors left the company....and they have done like a bazillion Catalyst patches and the gpu's are still buggy as hell.

    So i suggest you buy a Nvidia 6xx to be on the safe side.
  2. amd has slashed the price of hd7000 series which makes them a better buy..you can pick up an hd7950 for around $300. amd drivers are just as good as nvidia's... and z77 is mature enough yes so you can safely go with it.. i personally feel Asus motherboards are better in durability and quality
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