Can you use a memory stick for RAM?


I was searching up RAM and came across a few links saying that you can use a USB Flash Drive for RAM as well as installing ReadyBooster?

is it possible or not to be considered?
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  1. :o
    memory are "sticks"

    what software?

    got links?

    edit: you know RAM means random access memory? (sticks)
  2. Okay?! As stated you need to explain in detail your question(s) and specific software.

    The term (noun) 'RAM' or memory or RAM Kit or RAM stick (individual 'piece' of RAM) - can all be used in the context of RAM.

    There's folks that use USB Flash drives for ReadyBoost for a disk cache if they have <1GB of RAM, but it's not a substitute for 'RAM.'

    There are applications that can 'trick' 32-bit OCes to use the full 4GB (or more GB's) of Physical RAM. Example -

    Other than that I'm guessing here...
  3. here is the link :) and sorry meant to say USB memory stick
  4. As I mentioned ReadyBoost it's not being used as 'RAM' and instead it's being used as disk cache, so the caption is very misleading. For more information on ReadyBoost see - and/or
  5. it won't hurt but not really increase the performance anywhere near putting in RAM.
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