HD 5870 The Witcher 2 going crazy on me...

My 5870 is stock clocks, and definitely not overheating, yet my game is going crazy! I have the latest drivers and everything, and my other games run fine, but The Witcher 2 just won't work :( I got a couple photos of it, please help me out if you can!
Oh, and it tends to start happening once I go into the character screen or attribute screens :(


That is the album with 6 pictures, all of which should help convey the crazyness :S

EDIT: The one with all the colors and stuff is a picture of what happens when I'm on the character screen/attribute screen/menu
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  1. first 2 basic things you can try...

    uninstall ati drivers
    download driver sweeper
    boot into safe mode
    run driver sweeper in safe mode to remove all amd video drivers, nvidia also if you previously had an nvidia card
    reinstall latest ati drivers

    other thing...
    try running a custom fan profile through CCC at 80% fan speed

    i have a 5870 and my game crashes in battlefield bad company 2 unless i run a custom fan profile @ 80% speed or higher

    seems like the auto fan profile for some 5870s out there isn't good and these cards still crash
  2. I'm using freshly installed ATI drivers. I downloaded them on the 15th I believe, and the drivers are from 5/24/11.

    I'm doing this off my phone at the moment, so I'll give your suggestions a shot when I get home. I'm glad it's looking more like a driver problem than a hardware problem. I just got this card in the mail from an RMA, and I don't have long on the warranty :/
  3. Which would you suggest??
  4. I should also add that it did end up making my computer restart. It also had a red tint to the screen when it froze, and THEN it restarted.
  5. I have an HD5870 and the latest drivers. I have no issues in ANY games (have over 50). Unfortunately I do not have Witcher 2.

    Have you any issues in other games?

    Other (some repeated)
    1) update motherboard BIOS if available
    2) check for latest motherboard drivers (i.e. the main chipset driver) from the motherboard manufacturer
    3) ensure adequate case cooling (i.e. front-bottom 120mm case fan, and top-top or top-rear 120mm case fan).
    4) Other overheating potential. Move graphics card or remove any card which may block the graphics card fan.
    5) run Memtest for at least an hour (i.e. burn CD/DVD and reboot, change boot order in BIOS if need be)

    If stumped, reinstall Windows and W2 like this:
    1) obtain another hard drive
    2) shut down PC
    3) unhook the old hard drive (both cables) and hook up the new one
    4) Install Windows (don't Activate)
    5) install the main motherboard chipset driver, then remaining motherboard drivers (manufacturer website)
    6) install video card latest drivers
    7) Microsoft updates (takes a while)
    8) Install Witcher 2

    Basically we're trying to determine if it is a software or hardware issue.

    Other options:
    - install your card in another system with adequate PSU (especially 12V amps)
    - remove drivers and rollback
    - check Witcher 2 Forums

    - If it's only Witcher 2 and many modern games work fine it's likely Witcher 2 needs a patch, or the graphics card needs this fixed in drivers
    - could be software corruption elsewhere
    - could be a hardware issue
  6. I have updated Drivers. (Also gone back to older one)
    The graphics card never goes over 70c when playing (HD 5870 card)
    My power supply is brand new.
    I have not experience any problems with other games, but as this is a card I received from an RMA I haven't played much of the other games.
    I also patched the game with 2 recent patches that the developers put out.

    The really crazy picture that has tons of different colors is from the menus in The Witcher 2, and that is when all the wonky stuff starts. If I never had to go into the menus I don't think this issue would arise. I'm reinstalling it right now, so hopefully that will do something.

    Any ideas? :(
  7. Any other ideas? :/ Should I just try RMA'ing it?
  8. I dodn't know if you should rma the card yet,i rma mine couple of weeks ago but mine after gaming about 20 to 30 minutes other times started to have artifacts and some other times crashed all the stystem and the only thing i could do was a reboot,mine was the sapphire 5870 vapor-x.I dont know if that helps you at all but i thought i sould mension it.I suggest before rma contact the manefactures support,they might have something to help you.
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