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i have a hp 1225dx .It's been out of warrenty about a year.I thought it got hotter than my old laptop but did'nt know it was a problem until now.It gets real hot and shuts down in just maybe 5 min.Now after reading about the overheating problems with this model what can I do about it?Help please! I live on a small income and can't replace my laptop again.Ifeel at 66 it's my only helper with problems. Thanks
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  1. Easiest solutions? You could try a cooling pad. Laptops sometimes just get very warm, in fact most laptop CPUs are rated to take up to 100C. But a cooling pad can do wonders for laptops and are normally very cheap.
  2. If your in the US go to a computer store like Best Buy and buy a cooling pad. Sometimes it helps sometimes they still overheat. Laptops just don't have the cooling like desktops do.
  3. Either you, or someone you trust, can do a little dis-assembly and clean out any dust and dirt that may have accumulated.

    Because of previous heat issues, there may also be a BIOS update available whose chief function is to run the fan(s) at higher RPMs to reduce temps.

    Otherwise, keep the vents clear and consider a cooling pad as noted.
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