NVidia 560 Ti Display Issue

Hi all, I just upgraded my GFX card to a nVidia 560 Ti and I noticed it has a Mini-HDMI port so I tried using this and compared it to the DVI (DVI is using a Sub to DVI converter because the TV doesnt have DVI) and it looks worse to me, the text is all jagged and pictures appear too sharp, I even turned down the sharpness on my monitor to 0.

Is there a way to fix this? I know buying a monster HDMI cable would help but WILL it fix this issue?

My GFX card is a EVGA 560 TI and my monitor is a Samsung LN40A550 http://reviews.cnet.com/flat-panel-tvs/samsung-ln40a550/4507-6482_7-32815314.html

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  1. Buying a monster cable will not fix it and won't give you any better signal than any other HDMI cable meeting the same HDMI specification.

    Maybe you just got a bad HDMI cable?
  2. Nah its not the cable, I tried it on my 360 and PS3 and it works fine :/

    I guess its just my TV settings it had it set to uber sharp and high contrast
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