Different type of ram, for PC speed.

If I ran two adata 2gb ram, and 2 4gb corsair vengeance ram, in the corresponding/correct slots, would the speed, or anything between the two models, and size, affect the performance, or cripple the motherboard in any way?
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  1. It's always a crapshoot when mixing RAM. It may work fine or it may cause instability. If the speed, voltage and timings are the same then your chances are better. What are the exact models?
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    You might have problems. One is DDR 1333 and one is DDR3 1600. Both are 1.5v and both are cas 9 so if you underclock the Corsair to DDR3 1333 cas 9 it may work. Why do you need more than 8GB?
  3. Haha, I thought the same thing! Im not sure if I will still use the adata when I get the second corsair.
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