Really need help with bent motherboard pin!!!

I recently had an RMA'd motherboard denied, and the email said that the motherboard was received with apparent end-user caused physical damage to CPU socket contact pins that are bent beyond repair which was possibly caused due to improper installation and or customer neglect. When I installed the CPU I made sure to be really careful, and I put it in correctly on the first try. Although when I sent it back I didn't have the plastic cover on because I couldn't figure out how to reattach it. So when they sent the motherboard back I looked at it for a while and saw something that looked like a bent pin. I got a magnifying glass and a flashlight and saw that one of that pins was in fact bent. I know that some of the pins are just for power, but when I had it in it booted and ran perfectly. (Aside from a faulty RAM slot which is why I had RMA'd it in the first place) I was extremely careful with handling everything while building my PC, so I really don't think that I could have bent the pin. I never even touched the pins. Also I don't think that not having the plastic protector on would bend it because it is in a position where others would be bent too. When I shipped it back the motherboard was in the top of the box, and that box was at the top of another box. I am thinking that it could have possibly been bent from the start, as in from newegg. But I never looked that closely before I had sent it back. So I am not sure what to do at this point. Do I RMA it again saying that there is a faulty RAM slot and a bent pin from the start? Couldn't they see my order history and see that I had already tried to send it back and it was denied because of a bent pin? And also I ordered it over a month ago. Should I try to bend it back into place somehow and then send it back? Or is it possible that I could get it repaired somehow? (I don't want to spend a lot of money) I need it to be refunded, not replaced. Sorry for the really long post, but I am rushed for time and don't want to lose $250. Please respond if you can because I need help badly.
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  1. What motherboard is it? You could try an RMA again. If they reject it again, just switch to a different mobo company (Personal solution) also for a refund try harrassing newegg or motherboards manufacture for a full refund or some other agreement
  2. It is a Sabertooth Z77 mobo. I really don't want to RMA it again because I have to pay like 14 bucks each time, and I think that the same thing will happen. I already have a new mobo if that is what you mean by switch to a different company.
  3. Yea, if you already have a new motherboard to replace it. I would try to get a refund for your busted one. I know Gigabyte has had to do many refunds with the x79 UD7... cough cough
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