Using build in video card, monitor don\'t display when i boot

PC spec: Mother Board Asrock G31M-S, CPU E5700 @ 3GHz 2.99, 1Gig. memory card, monitor: Viewsonic VA1936A-LED. my problems: the monitor don't display everytime is turn on the pc for the first time. i need to reset the cmos to make the monitor display. what else can I do to make my pc working properly without reseting the cmos everytime I will turn it on.
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  1. ever notice if the clock keeps proper time/date ?
  2. thank you for the information, I will look in to it. right now, everytime I turn-on the pc I reset the cmos and the time&date also reset.
  3. replace the battery.
  4. thank you for the information
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