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Overclocking with Z77-V Pro


I just assembled the i5 3750k and the above MB but am unsure how to OC it (never OC before)
I also was unsure how to verify correct memory settings.

I have the Mushkin Enhanced Redline Memory and am using the Noctua-NH D14

I don't want to push the CPU to extremes just get into the 4Ghz range, if possible.

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    Seems to me like you already know the most important thing about overclocking, don't overdo it. A good overclock takes days.

    You have very good components so it shouldn't be that big of an issue but please remember that there are always a few lemons in every batch of components.

    With that said. To enable the full performance of the Mushkin Redline memory enter your EFI setup and under the "Overclock Tuner" set it to "X.M.P" and where it says "XMP Profile" (usually right below it) set it to the highest profile number available (usually there's only one).

    Then, reboot the machine and observe that it should say DDR3-<marketed memory speed here>

    To overclock the CPU I suggest that you visit some of the threads stickied in the overclocking forum.
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