P8Z77-M or?


I am building a PC, specifically for gaming(mainly WOW and GTA4, BF3), and was wondering on a good affordable motherboard that will let me OC and will be the best for gaming purposes.


i5 2500k
8GB 1600MHZ DDR3 RAM CORSAIR Vengeance
GTX 560
600W PSU
128GB Vertex 4 OCZ SSD

I was about to go for ASUS P8Z77-M,but from the research i did im not so sure anymore. This motherboard is 109 EUR, was thinking of spending about 100-130 EUR on the Mobo, maybe a little more

Thank you!

Edited post to avoid issues.
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  1. where are you in europe?
  2. Vienna
  3. Here's a good one that's in your price range, and has all the features you could want
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