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Ok so, I'm looking to build my second computer and I've been interested on making a home server. We have currently, 3 Desktop PC's, 1 MacBook, and 4 smartphones connected to our home network daily. I want all of these to be able to exchange files easily between each other along with print to one printer. Like I said this is my second build, and my first was just a basic PC so I don't know good specs for a home server PC. Like what processor, mobo, case, how many hard drives and what size and RAID setup? I'm also not looking to spend a fortune on this, I just need something basic. Thanks for any help!
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  1. Have you looked into a NAS? It's basically a unit that contains harddrive(s) that plugs into your switch. If you get the right printer (or an adapter that connects your printer via wireless) you can do the same. No need for a full computer.
  2. I just looked at a western digital 1TB one for $130 on newegg, looks promising, hopefully this will help! WAY cheeper than building a new computer. As for the printer, if this device works I'll look into buying a wifi enabled Kodak printer.
  3. It's not as fun, but slightly more practical. And as you pointed out its cheaper.
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